【 Outline of Mission Statement 】

Third year targets
1)All 15 specially appointed faculty members will undergo a midterm evaluation of overall achievements.
2)They will receive advice about their research and administrative management.
3)Incentive research funds will be awarded to 5 or so faculty members who obtain excellent evaluations.
4)A 5-year tenure track or fixed term of employment system for newly appointed assistant professors will be implemented in all departments of the University.
5)An evaluation system will be established to start evaluation of all faculty members.

Targets upon completion of implementation period
1)All of the specially appointed faculty members accepted onto this program will undergo a final assessment. Those assessed as outstanding will be offered positions as tenured faculty members.
2)Preparing for the follow-up program, all departments will complete provision of a mentor system, research funds, a human support system, and a research environment for young researchers.