[Purpose of this Project]

In 1994, the TARA Center was the first institution in Japan to adopt a system of a fixed term of employment, and in 2002, that system was also implemented in the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences. In 2005, the Institute of Biological Sciences was the first in Japan to implement a tenure track system for lecturers and assistant professors. On the basis of the results of this pioneering employment system, the go-ahead was given to incorporate the tenure track system or a system of a fixed term of employment throughout the University during the first intermediate trial phase (January, 2007).

This program aims to promote a new generation of leaders who play key roles in education and research activities of the University of Tsukuba by establishing an employment system based on the tenure track system as a human resource development system common throughout the University.
To this purpose, the tenure track system is to be expanded into and established first in the life and natural science area by looking to the pioneering organizations.
Then, the tenure track system is to be introduced in all the organizations in the University of Tsukuba during the first intermediate trial phase.

Target outcome
Finally, we aim to gather together the power of excellent young researchers developed in various different areas to create cross-disciplinary new research areas beyond the organizational framework and to establish a global center of excellence to achieve academic results acceptable at an international standard.